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What Is Automotive Lacquer Thinner Used For?

When it comes to protecting your car and keeping it looking its best, a clear coat or lacquer product is essential. However, when these outer layers deteriorate in quality, they could do more harm than good for the overall quality of your ride. Fortunately, using the right lacquer thinner can help. Here, we’ll discuss what to use automotive lacquer thinners for and provide some key details to know when using them on your car.

What Are Automotive Lacquer Thinners?

If you’re going to apply an automotive lacquer thinner, it’s vital that you first know what you’re dealing with. Classified as a form of solvent, these products counteract the resin-like material of a lacquer coating to make it easier to remove. Lacquer thinners typically consist of a powerful dissolving chemical such as amyl or ethyl, making them potentially very damaging to non-metal surfaces. So, it’s crucial that you’re careful with where you use them.

Top Automotive Lacquer Thinner Applications

There are several ways to use lacquer thinners in the automotive industry, but, as stated before, there’s also a series of things you shouldn’t do with these products. Having a clear understanding of what you can and can’t do with them will be crucial to using them in the correct manner. Here are the top applications to know.

Cleaning Automotive Components

Lacquer thinners are very effective at dissolving any sticky or hardened substance that may come into contact with your car’s components. Because of this, they’re a great solution for cleaning these parts and keeping your vehicle performing like new. They also work incredibly well for removing old adhesive materials. Just make sure you only use a small amount of product and only wipe it across metal parts.

Removing Old Lacquer Finish

The primary purpose of automotive lacquer thinners is to remove older lacquer finishes from your car. While lacquer finishes are great for keeping your car looking nice and ensuring it’s protected from the elements, they don’t last forever. When these layers start degrading, you need to remove them before you can apply something new. Limit the use of a thinner to the car body and prevent contact with plastics or rubber for the best results.

Restoring Older Automotive Tools

If your automotive tools have a lot of product buildup over several projects, you can even use these thinners to give them a more thorough clean. Since thinners can cut through a series of different substances, they’re great for removing dried-on paint, clear coats, and adhesives. This is the perfect way to preserve some of your more expensive tools and save some money.

Using automotive lacquer thinners properly can make or break your automotive project. Make sure you’re only using them for approved applications. At Eagle National, we want to ensure every automotive professional and DIY enthusiast has the products they need to succeed with their project. Browse our collection of automotive lacquer thinners today to find the right fit for your needs.

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