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What PPE Should Every Auto Body Shop Have?

When working on the body of a car, wearing protection is key to a successful project. Whether you’re giving a vehicle a fresh coat of paint or performing more extensive bodywork, these tasks can be dangerous. In fact, they can put you in direct contact with some hazardous materials if you aren’t careful. Auto body shops must keep protection on hand to minimize accidents and subsequent injuries. We’ll provide a list of personal protection equipment, or PPE, that every auto body shop should have.

Eye Protection

Welding, sanding, and sawing are common tasks associated with working on a car body, and they all have the potential to create flying debris. Your eyes are particularly susceptible to damage from shrapnel, and injuries can lead to blindness in the worst-case scenario. Eye protection, such as a facial mask or safety goggles, will keep these particles at bay while maximizing your visibility. You’ll be safer in the workplace and can generate the best results for your clients.

Hearing Protection

It’s also important to wear hearing protection in your auto body shop. Running any high-powered tool in an enclosed area can actually increase the volume. Without protection, the nerves and inner ear canal can sustain damage, impacting your hearing long-term. For this reason, always keep noise-canceling earmuffs within reach, or wear earplugs to reduce the risk of hearing loss.

Respiratory Protection

Every auto body shop should have respiratory PPE. Bodywork often requires workers to use aerosol products, like spray paints and clear coats, that float through the air. Breathing in these chemicals can harm your respiratory system, so keep respirator masks in your shop and require workers to wear them while performing their tasks.

Skin Protection

Don’t forget about skin protection! Aerosols and chemicals that can enter the body through the mouth and nose can also absorb through the skin. It’s always a good idea to wear protective garments that cover exposed skin. Full nylon suits with durable gloves are perfect for minimizing direct skin contact and reducing your risk of accidental poisoning or chemical burns.

Stocking up on the necessary PPE enables you to protect yourself and your team in the shop. At Eagle National, we make it a point to offer a diverse selection of personal protective equipment. We have a large collection of chemical-resistant gloves to minimize contact with harmful substances. From face masks to respirators to hearing protection, we carry it all so that you can stay safe while working. Browse our collection today to learn more!

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