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  • The Different Types of Auto Body Adhesives

    In knowing the different types of auto body adhesives, you can ensure you’re making the best choice for your project. Learn about the available options.
  • How To Choose Sandpaper for Auto Body Work

    Working on car bodies requires a specific range of tools and supplies, including sandpaper. Familiarize yourself with how to choose sandpaper for autobody work.
  • 5 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Spray Paint

    Your car’s new paint job is dependent on your first project steps. Use our tips for preparing your car for spray paint to ensure a quality finished product.
  • Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Bed Liners

    Truck bed liners are vital to protecting your ride. Make note of these mistakes to avoid when installing bed liners to get the most out of the process.
  • The Different Types of Disposable Gloves & Their Uses

    The right gloves can protect you from even the harshest elements. We’ll provide information about the different types of disposable gloves and their uses here.
  • The Importance of Automotive Rust Preventive Coatings

    Rust is a common cause of car part failure, but you can protect your ride from its effects. Discover the importance of automotive rust preventive coatings.
  • Tips for Using Automotive Solvents Safely

    Solvents play a key role in automotive projects. Our tips for using automotive solvents safely will help you reduce your risk and get the results you want.
  • How To Properly Apply Clear Coat to a Car

    Clear coat is a vital product for putting the finishing touches on any car paint or repair job. Learn how to properly apply clear coat to a car here.
  • Why Pay More for American Brand Auto Masking Tape?

    With all of the options for inexpensive masking tape in the automotive refinishing market why would you choose an expensive brand like American? T...
  • What Automotive Restoration Supplies Do You Need?

    Restoring a car requires a series of resources. Discover what automotive restoration supplies you need and why they make great additions to your toolkit.
  • New Clearcoat in Stock! The High Teck 8000 4:1 Value Clearcoat

      Introducing the new High Teck 8000 Value Clearcoat! This clear is High Teck's value replacement for the 7000-1 Universal Clearcoat.  is a high q...
  • New Clearcoat in stock! The Excel 840 Euro Pro 2:1 Urethane Clearcoat

    Introducing the new Excel 840 Euro Pro Clearcoat! This 2:1 Clearcoat is designed for panel and overall refinishing projects, and provides excellen...