Why You Should Ditch Your Old Industrial Paint Gun System for the 3M High Performance 26878 - Eagle National Supply
3M 26878 Industrial pressure feed spray gun system for increased productivity and efficiency

Why should I ditch my current spray gun setup?

We get this question a lot.  Your current system probably works just fine, and you know how to use it. So why switch? Easy.  To save time and money, while producing a higher quality result.  

Lightweight and easy-to-use, the 3M™ performance spray gun was built for the industrial painter. Made from impact-resistant composite, it is one of the lightest spray guns in the industry, yet durable enough for demanding conditions. Replaceable nozzles from 1.1 to 2.0 allow you to spray a wide range of coatings, including stains, primers, basecoats, topcoats, clearcoats, and adhesives. The 3M™ performance spray gun is the industrial coating solution that can help reduce variability in your process and boost productivity by giving technicians a smarter way to spray. So ditch the old systems - the high-maintenance metal guns that require more fuss than they're worth - and start putting productivity and performance back into painting.

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