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American auto refinish masking tapes

With all of the options for inexpensive masking tape in the automotive refinishing market why would you choose an expensive brand like American? The answer is simple.  When it comes to masking tape you get what you pay for.  Most professionals would agree that American brand masking tape has set the standard for the most demanding industrial, marine, aerospace, and transportation industry applications.  

Whether you are re-painting a single body panel or an entire car, having a high quality masking tape is key to achieving flawless results that leaves clean, crisp paint lines.  This is especially true on high end refinishing projects where your customer spares no expense and is expecting perfect results.

American brand masking tape leaves clean crisp lines on your auto body refinish project

If you run a production body shop you are looking for a maksing tape that can hold up to multiple heat cycles, wet sanding, and is water and solvent resistant.  The last thing you want your tape to do is start bleeding through or peeling off after you have spent all that time masking off the vehicle.  Often times you don't even notice this is happening until it is too late, and you have to spend hours refinishing your paint job.  At that point you have spent way more time and money than the job was worth, and you realize you should have just spent the money on the high performance American Masking Tape. In the end, spending a little bit more up front will actually optimize the performance of your body shop while minimizing cost.  Those are key to running a successful business.

Eagle National Supply is here to help your body shop save time and money. When you mask a paint job you want to be able to do the job right the first time, every time. That's why we carry the American Brand Masking Tape.  For help choosing the right masking tape click see our American Performance Series Masking Guide.

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