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What Automotive Restoration Supplies Do You Need?

As an automotive enthusiast, few projects are as satisfying as restoring an old car. Not only does the endeavor give you an opportunity to shape the vehicle to your tastes, but it also allows you to learn about what makes it tick. If you’re going to restore a car properly, it’s vital to have the right tools for the job. Here are some automotive restoration supplies you need to find success.

Impact Wrenches

In order to properly restore the body of your car, you must first remove any bolts and nuts from the frame. You’ll need an impact wrench to do this. This tool has a high torque output that makes loosening tight fasteners easy. This way, you can make quick work of this step and move on to the rest of your restoration process.

Paint Strippers

Paint strippers are important, as they streamline the process of removing old paint and rust from the vehicle’s body. Start the paint removal process by using a thinning product on the body’s surface. This reduces the adhesion between the paint and the metal and makes it easier for the paint stripper to remove the material thoroughly.


Always follow paint removal with a high-powered grinder. These angled disks help in removing rust from a car’s body. They’re also very efficient pieces of equipment for cutting through metal and buffing sharp edges out of the frame. Grinders are very versatile tools that everyone restoring a car should have in their toolkit.

Automotive Sandpaper

Sandpaper blocks work much like grinders and help you smooth out rough edges and remove rust. They’re great options for manual restoration. They could also prove useful for smoothing out areas with smaller detailing and body curves.

Body Fillers or Putty

Other automotive restoration supplies you’ll need for your project include body fillers or body putty. These products can help you fill in dents on the vehicle’s body and reduce their appearance. You can pick from several types of fillers, so assess the material and dents on the car you’re restoring before buying the putty.

Paint and Paint Thinners

In order to finish your automotive body restoration, it’s crucial to have a supply of new paint and paint thinner. Paint thinner makes the paint easier to apply through a spray applicator. Additionally, you’ll want to purchase paint designed for automotive use to ensure proper adhesion and give you a great finished product.

Shop for products from Eagle National to guarantee a car restoration you can be proud of. We sell a vast range of premium car restoration supplies that allow you to make the most of your projects. Our collection includes everything from abrasives to fillers to paints. You can rest assured that we have everything you need to succeed.

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