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3 Signs You Need New Automotive Clear Coat

Your car's clear coat is the topmost layer that protects the vehicle’s color from fading, scratches, and environmental elements. These products generate a glossy finish on your car and give it an attractive appearance. However, due to regular wear and tear, the clear coat may start failing over time. This means that you need to occasionally replace it to protect the car's paint underneath. There are several signs that indicate that you need a new automotive clear coat; we’ll discuss them to ensure you know exactly when recoating is a good choice.

Fading Color

One of the most obvious signs of clear coat failure is color fading. Though the top purpose of these products is to preserve the quality of paint color, UV rays from the sun can break down the clear coat layer over time. This causes it to fade and become less glossy. Red and black cars are particularly susceptible to this type of decay. To test your car for clear coat failure, touch the surface with a piece of cloth. If there’s residue left on the cloth, it’s a clear indicator of clear coat deterioration, which means you’ll need to apply a new layer to protect your car.

Peeling or Flaking

Peeling or flaking of the clear coat is another sign that your car needs a new clear coat. As hard as these surfaces are, they can still form weak points that become susceptible to the elements. This can cause certain sections to loosen and fall away from the rest of the vehicle, leaving spots unprotected. As a result, dirt, grime, and other debris may accumulate in the cracks and cause rust. Make sure you inspect your car regularly for these weak points and consider a new clear coat application if you notice damage.

Hazy or Foggy Appearance

Additionally, if your car's clear coat has a wet or foggy look to it, this indicates a deteriorating top finish. The wet or hazy appearance comes from the clear coat breaking down, which renders it unable to protect the paint. This problem can dull your car's paintwork, leaving your ride looking worse for wear. By paying attention to the overall shine of your paint now, you can replace your clear coat before you notice any significant impact on the vehicle’s style.

It's essential to maintain your car's clear coat to protect its paint from environmental and weather elements. If you notice any of the above signs, it may be time to consider applying a new clear coat to your car. Eagle National has a wide selection of automotive clear coat sprays that give your ride the long-lasting protection you need. Simply browse our inventory to find the right product for your specific climate and appearance preferences. By regularly maintaining your car's clear coat, you can keep your car looking its best for years to come.

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