Polyvance Bumper & Cladding Coat™ 3601-4 Light Gray Adhesion Primer, 1 Quart

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Bumper & cladding coat adhesion primer is an advanced, solvent-based coating designed to help your automotive base-clear topcoat system stick to unprimed TPO plastic bumpers. Bumper & cladding coat Adhesion Primer sticks tenaciously to unsanded, unscuffed raw TPO plastic. Once the adhesion primer is dry, it can be topcoated with most base clear systems without sanding or scuffing.

  • Sticks to smooth or textured TPO plastics, ideal for easy refinishing of new, unprimed OEM replacement bumpers from Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Subaru, etc
  • No sweat, quit sweating your bumpers in the paint booth, no need to clean, sweat, re-clean and so on
  • Sticks to TPO plastic without sanding or scuffing, just clean the bumper with our 1000 super clean plastic cleaner and shoot the bumper and cladding adhesion primer on
  • Simple, ready-to-spray, 1K formulation means there's no waste, what you don't use, pour back into the can
  • Compatible with most urethane and polyester-based base clear topcoat systems, bumper and cladding adhesion primer does not have to be scuffed or sanded prior to topcoating and it may be topcoated at any time after application
  • A proven labor saver since its introduction in 2003