High Teck 7500 Gray 2K Epoxy Primer 1:1 Mix, Gallon

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The 7500 Series Epoxy Primers are a true 1:1 high build primer that delivers superior adhesion and exceptional corrosion resistance on a variety of substrates including properly prepared bare steel, aluminum, and OEM finishes

  • Color: Dark Gray (Black and White also available)
  • Size: Gallon
  • Mix one (1) part Epoxy Base to one (1) part 7503 Epoxy Catalyst (sold separately). Reduce 10-25% with High Teck 1070 Low VOC Reducer to maintain 2.1 VOC. May also use 7720 National Rule Reducer for areas not requiring low VOC compliance. 
  • Works as a high build primer at 10% reduction or sealer at 25% reduction
  • Provides superior adhesion to all sanded and cleaned surfaces including galvanized steel, aluminum, and OEM finishes. No need to apply an acid etch primer.
  • Formulated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Apply 1 - 2 medium wet coats, allowing 30 minutes between coats, 60 minutes to topcoat.  Must be sanded after 36 hours.
  • Dries to a true flat finish to maximize topcoat performance
  • High solids (45% by wt), tintable formula, sands easily
  • Fast drying, 30 min flash between coats, 60 min. to topcoat, 36 hr max open time
  • Not suitable for raw plastic
  • Clean up using High Teck Lacquer thinner or Zero VOC solvents