GenTec RCP21 White low VOC Rapid Cure Primer, 4:1 mix, 1 gal

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RCP21 is a rapid curing primer that dries in a fraction of the time that conventional primers take to dry. Its ready to sand in 30min to 1hr, depending on temperature and film build. RCP21 was designed to greatly increase job throughput while providing excellent sand scratch fill. RCP21 is a 2.1 VOC primer surfacer and sealer when using appropriate low VOC activators and reducers.

  • Size: Gallon
  • Color: White (may be tinted to produce gray or black)
  • Mix 4:1:1 with GH021 activator and reducer to use as a primer (sold separately)
  • Mix 4:1:2 with GH021 hardener and reducer to use as a primer sealer
  • Use any high quality low VOC reducer like the Grow 1270 Low Voc Reducer
  • Fast drying (30-60 minutes to sand)
  • Can be used on OEM paint, E-Coat, Plastics, prepared mild steel, and sealed aluminum and galvanized steel.
  • Ideal for production shops that are trying to maximize throughput and profitability.
  • High solids, 47% by volume
  • Apply 2 medium wet coats, allow 10 minutes flash between coats, 30-60 min to dry