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Tips for Using Automotive Solvents Safely

When working on your own car remodel, automotive solvents are a great product to have on hand. Designed to dissolve oils and paints, these chemical solutions make cleaning a car frame much easier and allow you to do a more thorough job in a shorter amount of time. However, as useful as these products are, they can also be incredibly dangerous. Therefore, it’s imperative to find ways to protect yourself during their use. These are some important tips for using automotive solvents safely during your project.

Wear PPE During Application

Solvents, by nature, are incredibly harsh chemicals that eat through even the toughest of materials. Therefore, wearing the proper personal protection equipment, or PPE, will be the key to keeping you safe during application. Always wear thick protective gloves to reduce skin contact with the chemicals, and put on eye protection and a face mask to cut down on vapor exposure. Once finished using the solvents, remove your PPE right away to reduce your risk of spreading the substance to other surfaces.

Don’t Use Near Flames or Heat Sources

Make sure that you also take great care to avoid flames or heat during your solvent application. These chemicals are highly flammable, meaning they can easily ignite with even the slightest contact with a spark or ember. For this reason, always ensure there’s no smoke, flames, or sparks near your garage before opening the solvent container.

Follow the Application Instructions

Additionally, you should always follow the application instructions written on your solvent product. These details describe the manufacturer’s preferred method of use, which is the safest and most effective way to get the results you’re looking for. Read through these steps carefully, and don’t overapply your chemicals. Overapplication can leave excessive amounts of fumes in the air, which can pose a health hazard—even through your protective mask.

Store or Dispose of Solvents Carefully

Another vital tip for using automotive solvents safely is to either store your leftover product or dispose of it carefully. Since, as mentioned, solvents are flammable, keeping them alongside other chemicals or dumping them down a drain in your home won’t do. In fact, you’re increasing the number of safety hazards in your garage when you haphazardly handle these products. When storing solvents, always keep them in an airtight container on their own, away from heat. Should you need to dispose of them, take your excess product to a hazardous waste facility.

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