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When repainting your car or doing another automotive paint job, you must wear a paint suit to protect yourself from stains and harmful fumes and chemicals. However, choosing the right automotive paint suit for your needs can be tricky. Check out these tips for choosing the right automotive paint suit.

Look for Durable Materials

The first thing you should consider when choosing an automotive paint suit is the suit’s material. It should be durable enough to withstand exposure to various chemicals. Opt for suits made of high-quality Tyvek or polyurethane. These materials are lightweight, waterproof, and abrasion-resistant, making them perfect for automotive painting.

Get the Proper Fit

You’ll need a suit that fits you well. A paint suit that is too big or too small can affect your agility and can lead to accidents, primarily when working with paint mixing cups and air hoses. As a general rule of thumb, purchase a suit that is sized according to your t-shirt.  If you plan to be fully clothed then you should purchase a suit 1 size larger than your t-shirt.

Consider the Level of Protection

Depending on the nature and intensity of your work, you need to choose a paint suit that provides full body protection. For instance, if you're using solvent-based car paints, you should choose a suit that offers an integrated hood, and has velcro wrist and ankle closures.  A complete PPE system will include the use of a full facepiece respirator, nitrile gloves, and boot covers. Check out our complete Disposable Gloves and PPE selection to complete your refinishing project.

Check for Breathability

Working in a paint suit without ventilation can make you hot and sweaty. Choose a suit with mesh panels or vents to keep your body cool while you work. You’ll be able to work for longer without feeling uncomfortable.

Don't Sacrifice Comfort

Sometimes, people compromise on comfort to prioritize protection. Can you imagine working in an uncomfortable and tight suit for hours? Choose a paint suit that balances protection and comfort. It should be lightweight and flexible so you can move easily.

Choosing the right automotive paint suit is crucial when doing an automotive paint job. Considering these factors will help you select the best paint suit for your needs and safety.

If you need quality automotive paint suits, come to Eagle National Supply. Don't compromise on your safety and comfort! Let us help you find the perfect paint suit for your next automotive project.

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