Tint Your Raptor Bed Liner Various Colors For a Custom Look - Eagle National Supply
Raptor Bed Liner in Olive Green creates a tough, rust resistant, matte finish for your offroad truck, jeep or suv

With any custom paint job there are a variety of colors to choose from to make your truck stand out from the crowd.  Why not add to your custom look with a Raptor Tintable Bed Liner Kit instead?  Just add any of the color pouches to your bottle before you spray and you can have any of the 15 different colors that Raptor offers from White to Olive Green to Flame Red! 

 Upol bed liner tint pouches in white, brown, green, blue, yellow, orange, and red.

One of the most popular options is to spray an Olive Green Bed Liner on your offroad truck to create an inpenetrable, scratch resistant, durable coating that will hold up on any trail.  Just be sure to properly prepare your surface by sanding, cleaning, and applying an adhesion promoter for those hard to reach areas.  
Here's what you will need:
4 Raptor Color Pouches, one for each bottle
Visit Eagle National Supply's Bed Liner Store and order your kit today!

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