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The Different Types of Disposable Gloves & Their Uses

When you’re working on a car, it’s easy to think that the most important things for the job are tools and paint. However, this is objectively false. Your safety as the mechanic is the most vital aspect to consider when working on these projects, and you should never start on a car repair before you have every essential piece of personal protection equipment (PPE) on hand.

Gloves are a particularly crucial garment to wear during these jobs, as your hands will experience most of the associated rigors. As such, we want to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about which ones to purchase. These are the different types of disposable gloves and their uses.

The Importance of Wearing the Right Gloves

It’s no secret that working on cars can be incredibly demanding. Whether you’re working with high-strength tools or using abrasive chemicals, certain products are all necessary to create the result you want for your ride. However, these things can also be incredibly dangerous, and depending on the particular circumstances in which you encounter them, you may find yourself with an injury that you could’ve avoided. Wearing disposable gloves that are rated for use around machines and harsh chemicals ensures you have an extra layer of protection for your skin. Wearing these gloves makes it much easier to avoid severe physical distress during an accidental spill.

Equipping yourself with the right gloves at work can also do wonders for the amount of grip your fingers have when working with certain components. Should you need to loosen or manipulate things by hand, some gloves can make it hard to get a good grip on the parts. But with gloves made from materials that generate friction, working with your hands can be much easier.

Core Types of Disposable Gloves

Now that you know some of the top reasons to search for quality disposable gloves for your shop, it’s time to home in on a few of your options. There are several different types of disposable gloves, but their uses don’t always align with a mechanic’s needs. So, it’s vital that you know how the different types vary and which ones will make the best solution for many auto shop hazards. These are the top glove types to know about.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are some of the most popular options for a wide range of uses. These products are made from durable natural rubber and offer the most comfort, flexibility, and elasticity. As such, they make for a skintight fit that will be incredibly beneficial when working on smaller areas along the car’s frame. While single-layer latex gloves aren’t fully tear-resistant, thick and ultra-thick varieties have extra layers that make them more protective against sharp metal components.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are also a great option for those looking to work on vehicles. These products utilize several layers of a synthetic material that’s designed to provide more protection than the average disposable glove. Because of this, they’re much more effective at preventing tears while in use, and they’re resistant to many harsh chemicals. As such, they’re the most popular choice among mechanics and those in other industrial fields.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are also made from synthetic materials, but they tend to have thinner layers than other glove varieties. They’re great at protecting your skin from corrosive chemical agents, and they tend to come at more affordable prices. Additionally, they’re comfortable, though they don’t always have the best flexibility and may not fully conform to your hands.

Polythene Gloves

Polythene gloves can be a good option for minor tasks. However, they don’t have the flexibility that other gloves have. While they might work for larger tasks, they aren’t as reliable when it comes to precise movements and tuning. Polythene also won’t protect you from accidental chemical spills. So, if you use these gloves near a car, they won’t provide the full protection capabilities you might be looking for.

Choosing the Right Gloves for Working on a Car

Once you’re familiar with a few common PPE glove types, you need to pick the products you’re going to use for yourself. As you can tell from the information above, some gloves are better than others when it comes to managing specific automotive tasks and chemical exposure. For this reason, taking your time to make the right choice will be vital to your future safety on the job. Here are some tips to help you with the process.

Assess Your Workplace Needs

Before committing to the purchase of your work gloves, take some time to think about your specific project needs. This will give you an idea of what features you should be on the lookout for as you shop. Generally, mechanics work with a lot of sharp materials, harsh chemicals, and heated surfaces, requiring them to use gloves that insulate against danger. Therefore, you’ll want to gravitate toward thicker, more durable models for use in this type of application.

Consider Tear Resistance

As you’re getting ready to buy your PPE, make sure that you also check the product’s tear resistance. After all, there are a lot of sharp surfaces in an automotive shop, many of which can rip right through your gloves and injure your hands. For this reason, you want gloves rated for extreme durability with reinforced coatings to help keep even the roughest of edges at bay. The thicker your gloves are, the harder it will be for you to tear them while working. These models are also more likely to last for several hours at a time, making them more cost-effective because you won’t need to pay to replace them as often.

Having the tools to keep yourself safe while working on a vehicle will be essential to your overall project success. Don’t settle for just any PPE products when you could have the best. Eagle National carries dozens of PPE items, with disposable mechanic gloves being some of our top sellers. Both durable and tear-resistant, these products are ideal for the workshop environment, and you’ll love every minute you wear them. We also make sure to provide respirators and disposable protective hoods. This way, you can feel fully prepared for anything the job throws your way. Shop with us today for premium PPE products from top industry brands.

The Different Types of Disposable Gloves & Their Uses

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