4 Steps to the Perfect Finish Spray-On Truck Bed Liner - Eagle National Supply

Hauling cargo in your pickup truck can be tricky, and the truck bed takes the brunt of it, from scratches and dents to corrosive chemicals. Investing in a spray-on truck bed liner protects your truck bed and keeps it looking good. Follow these steps to get the perfect finish for a spray-on truck bed liner to ensure your vehicle is ready for the road.

1. Selecting the Right Product

When selecting a spray-on bed liner for your truck, consider the product’s durability, texture, and color compatibility with your vehicle. Look for a liner with UV protection to prevent fading and other substances that resist abrasions and rust, ensuring a long-lasting solution. Your spray-on liner should complement your truck’s aesthetic while providing toughness.

Additionally, consider the benefits of a waterproof bed liner that protects against corrosion from pooling water in the truck bed. Each liner has unique qualities, so compare options to find one that meets your needs and stylistic preferences.

2. Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is foundational to applying a truck bed liner and getting a great finish. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the truck bed to remove dirt, grease, or rust that could impede liner adhesion. Next, sand the entire area uniformly to create a surface for the liner to grip. Also, mask off the surrounding parts of your truck to protect against overspray. Finally, apply the liner to the bed.

3. Application Techniques

Applying your spray-on liner demands precision to distribute the material evenly and get a smooth finish. Also, work in a well-ventilated area, and wear safety equipment, such as a respirator, goggles, and gloves.

Apply the liner in a consistent direction, maintaining a steady hand and a fixed distance from the truck bed to avoid uneven thickness. Overlap each pass by about one-third to ensure full coverage without gaps or ridges. Proceed methodically to cover the truck bed completely.

4. Drying and Curing Process

The drying and curing process is critical to the integrity of your spray-on truck bed liner. After application, let the liner dry undisturbed; this duration varies based on the product you used and the conditions of your workspace.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended time for curing, which may span from several hours to a full day, to ensure the liner sets correctly and achieves maximum durability. During this stage, avoid any contact with the surface or exposure to moisture, which may disrupt the curing process and compromise the quality of the finish.

By carefully following these steps, you’ll achieve the perfect finish with your spray-on truck bed liner. Each step plays an important role in your investment’s appearance and longevity, so take your time and do it right.

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